Serato Flip - Black

Serato has an entire suite of powerful expansion packs that can help push creative boundaries and streamline your workflow. Serato Flip is an expansion pack that truly gives you an opportunity to create edits and remixes on the fly, all without a DAW. Flip allows you to record your cue point triggers and play them back in a perfect loop. There may be a track that only has a 4-bar intro in which you usually would manually loop the 4-bars, releasing the loop on the 16 count. With Flip, you can pre-record this automation, and with a push of a button, allow Flip to do the work for you. This is perfect for creating intro/outro versions to extend your tracks.

You can also record your own build ups and drops by recording the cue point automation. When you want to skip a verse or completely flip the structure of the track, you can set cue points throughout the track and perform the version you would like; saving the recording in a respective Flip bank.  This will slim down your music library as you won’t need to have the extended and short versions or the Drake only edits because you can have one track that has them all saved in the Flip banks. Serato Flip can be purchased here for $29USD and is included in the entire Serato Suite ($299USD or subscribe at $14USD/month). Most DAWs have pricing in the hundreds of dollars so if you need an efficient and affordable platform to create your own edits and remixes, Flip over to Serato and download the expansion pack now.

Serato is an industry leader when it comes to DJ software yet many don’t know about the goodies underneath the hood of the shiny car. MMP will be providing useful insight and tips so you can find the right expansion pack(s) for you and learn how to get the most out of them. Check in often for these posts on our blog. DJ Brickhouse wrote a great post on another expansion pack, Serato Video.

Below is a great video showcasing some of the powerful and creative ways you can incorporate the Serato Flip plug-in into your sets.