pexels-photo-928201Traditionally for years check or cash have been the standard acceptable methods of payment. I think that I can pretty much speak for everyone when I say that we all hate the feeling of Just Got Paid but waiting 3-5 days for the check to clear or come in the mail. Most people in the modern world prefer cash or direct deposit, we want instant gratification. We no longer need to fret when the client says they forget our envelope of cash or can’t find their purse/wallet. Luckily with the takeover of technology there are many different options available to get your Money Money Money in a Jumpin Jack Flash. You can easily take payments by credit card now using Square. Square is a point-of-sales app that allows you to accept credit card payments anywhere. When you sign up with Square they will send you a free Square Reader for magstripe to swipe credit cards, take chip cards, and accept NFC payments.  This is a great choice for clients that may not be as tech savvy or don’t want to download an app but prefer swiping a physical credit card for payment. There are also money transferring apps like PayPal, Venmo, & CashApp which are similar to virtual wallets allowing you to send and receive money instantly using someones name, phone number, email, ect. After you download the app you link your bank account or debit/credit card. Once you receive a payment you can then choose to keep the money in your balance for future purchases or transfer the money to your bank account or card. Generally the use of these apps is safe as they use encryption to protect your account information and fraud detection monitoring services as well to offer cyber security protection. All of these payment methods can be very useful helping you create invoices and manage your earned income & every transaction. As DJs, we are independent contractors, we must always keep in mind that we’re business owners who need to be financially responsible. Providing your clients with multiple ways to settle payment will get funds into your Bank Account fast for certain.