pexels-photo-mic2Let me start off by saying that you are a saint if you love Karaoke gigs. I tip my hat to you because I absolutely hate doing any Karaoke for any amount of time or money, in fact it’s like torture for me haha. However, somehow every once in a while I still end up getting roped into these gigs to please certain clients. This is just my opinion though, some DJ’s love Karaoke and they make a good living and gain a steady following from it. My issue with Karaoke is the lack of the DJ element and annoyance of the whole situation. Sure you are using DJ software like K-Jams, Virtual DJ, or Serato(if you pay for the plug-in) and it does give you a limited understanding of Video DJing, however I DJ because I like to play music for people. DJing gives me a certain serenity and even a rush at times, nothing about Karaoke does that for me. The craziness of it all is so much more stressful, for instance keeping the files & books updated, but people can’t understand the concept of actually looking in a book to choose their song and god forbid if you don’t have the song they want to sing or 20 microphones for them to use they will die #ICantEven. I think people are under the impression that if you are a DJ in a club or for private events, it’s all a package deal. This can’t be farther from the truth, you need to have a passion for Karaoke because it’s a totally different animal than spinning in a nightclub or at a wedding for example. I’m not singing “Hit Me Baby One More Time” just b/c people are drunk but not drunk enough to be the 1st person to bomb a song and expect me to kick things off. I’m not being paid to be singer, I’m being paid to be a DJ. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trashing Karaoke for anyone if that’s your thing, it’s just not a given that just b/c you’re a DJ, you are a Karaoke DJ. However, for all of you that are Karaoke DJ’s already or would like to explore the option to become one, there are a couple of  programs that make things easy for you, such as Virtual DJ and K-Jams. VDJ offers an option called “Karaoke SideView” which allows you to use a rotation manager to organize songs and singers in a list, as well as provide commonly used Karaoke tools. Visit to download a free version and learn more about all of the other useful tools available.  K-Jams is a Karaoke software that you use similar to ITunes with a built in music library that allows you to play almost any music format. You can download KJams Lite for free by visiting Once you’ve chosen the right Karaoke software for you, don’t forget the monitor, adapters, cables, song selection books, microphones, and anything else you need for a successful night. Also, be sure that you are prepared to Kick In The Door ready to Sing a Song that will leave your audience Hypnotized with an Unforgettable experience.