Remember when even a whiff of something not original would result in SoundCloud shutting you down? It looks like the lawyers within SoundCloud might be serving themselves a cease and desist order … at least where DJs are concerned.

In an effort to protect copyrighted material, SoundCloud would shut down any account that seemed to be plagiarizing. Unfortunately for DJs, that sensitivity to theft meant that posting mixes was impossible. Since mixes are typically made up, all or in part, of copyright protected music, SoundCloud restricted DJs from posting them.

Any DJ who wanted to market his skills via SoundCloud would find his marketing opportunities severely curtailed.

It looks like SoundCloud has a gift for all of you. According to an interview originally published on the German language magazine Groove, SoundCloud is relaxing its rules … under certain conditions only. If you purchase their premium subscription service SoundCloud Go, you’ll be able to post any mixes you’d like without running into legal problems.

Will this change make you love SoundCloud again?

You can read more about it here.