I’ve got some exciting news for you today. Rane has announced that it is releasing a new mixer – the MP2014 Two-Channel Rotary Mixer.

The MP2014 is built on the same MP2015 platform but without the extra two input channels and the submix channel. So, if you’re getting less on the MP2014 than on the MP2015, what’s the point?

Here it is. Rane has designed the MP2014 to be more stream-lined, portable and ready for hi-res audio systems.


  • smooth rotary controls ensure easy transitions
  • digital signal prcessing
  • dual 16-channel USB sound cards
  • phono preamps
  • 3-way swept-filters
  • 3-band, steep 24 db/octave main mix isolator

The advertised price for the MP2014 is $2000. Hopefully retailers will be willing to sell for less.

Check out more specs here.