Remember when a spare room in your home might have looked like the room in the image above? Maybe some of you still have a room that looks like that. Bins and shelves loaded with vinyl … lovingly referred to as crates.

Well, crates have gone digital. This isn’t anything new, of course. Serato’s tried to stand at the forefront of that revolution. Many of us have jumped on the shortcuts. And why not? So much of what we do and how we organize our stuff has gone digital. Even if you rely on vinyl, digital still has plays a useful role.

So, Serato’s at it again. The company has just released some tips on how to create and organize smart crates. Using software to keep track of what we have is really a no-brainer regardless of how you feel about vinyl. You can create digital lists, like Clean, Acapella, Wedding, etc. Whether you’re planning a set or you need to react quickly when things go wrong in the middle of a set, these quick files can be lifesavers.

Check out how to create them here.