dj pandol

Congratulations to DJ Pandol, the winner of the MMP Scratch & Win Contest!

DJ Pandol first decided to be a DJ when he saw the DMC world final in 1996. That’s what sparked his passion and convinced him to try to win his own Championship title.


Over the next few years, Pandol committed all his energy to studying how the best DJs did their thing. He analyzed their remixes detail by detail and learned how to sample sounds properly. The next step was to get some studio cred. Pandol went to work as an assistant producer at a recording studio, soaking up everything he could from watching, and working with, the more experienced producers.


Finally, in 2002, Pandol was ready to release his first official album, Horror O.S.T. He was also the 2012 RedBull Thre3style (Korea) champion, the 2012 Pioneer Korea DJ Contest winner and the 2010 Pioneer East Asia DJ Battle winner.

DJ Pandol’s influences include abstract sounds and fantasy motifs resulting in music that is all his own. Despite all his success, Pandol isn’t resting on his laurels. He’s in the processing of producing more albums featuring his mixes, other original movie soundtracks as well as scratch sessions.

But, the studio isn’t the only place you’ll find him. Pandol is busy playing clubs and festivals both in Korea and overseas, and managing the DJ Academy in Korea. Pandol is also very excited to be a member of Bulhandang Crew, a hugely popular Korean Hip-Hop group.


DJ Pandol’s hard work has earned him great success. So, he strives as much as possible to pay it forward. Pandol offers junior artists his support in their efforts to create and release their own music. Currently, he is very busy developing his local music scene.

Check him out in this video courtesy of DJKOREA: