Like the tale of how a couple fell in love, a DJ’s background story is always sentimental and interesting to hear. Today we’re reaching out to younger DJs to show them a way they can begin DJing, practicing their skills, and even making a little bit of money. I became interested in DJing around ten years old, scoring my first MIDI controller and speakers a few years later. This allowed me to start a mobile DJ business in high school – and in today’s article, I’ll share what I learned.

Many of our DJ TechTools readers are young, aspiring DJs, who often ask;

“How can a teenager get DJ gigs?”

Options are limited, but basic mobile gigs is one surefire way to get valuable experience and make a little money for new gear.

This is a great read, I can relate to this. This is how I started to DJ and worked my way on to the club scene. I suggest all Teen aspiring DJs to just go for it, work on your craft and market yourself. Read the full article here.