I’ve used this blog before to talk about mental health. I’m going to keep talking about it because it’s one of the most important issues in our time. Unfortunately, there’s still a considerable stigma surrounding it. People are still not comfortable talking about it because they feel they’ll be ostracized, made fun of, or worse … they’re feelings will be minimized.

Don’t ever tell someone suffering from depression or some other mental health issue to just suck it up or get over it. The brain is a complex thing. We really have no idea how it works. So, if someone has mental health issues, it’s a real and valid feeling.

We’ve been hearing more about artists who are talking about their own mental health issues. That’s helping to advance the conversation for everyone else. Benga has been one of those talking about it. But there are definitely more artists adding their voices to the mix.

Check out what Skream, tINI, Heidi, and Patrick Topping have to say about staying sane as a touring DJ here.