There was a time when an artist had to wait until they died (or reached old age) before anyone would bother making a documentary about their life and times. Things have changed a bit.

In fact, the whole purpose of a documentary has changed. Blame it on the popularity of DJing that has produced so many DJs who must compete against each other for work. Blame it on the noise of social media which helps everyone and no one stand out at the same time.

Every DJ is looking for the next promotional tool that will propel him to the front of the pack. That tool is the documentary film.

It makes complete sense actually. You’re not just a DJ. You’re a brand. You have a story. Documentaries are the perfect vehicle for promoting your unique brand and your unique story. They’ve become the latest way for DJs to try to rise above the sea of other DJs.

Do they work as a self-promotional tool? Well, like every other self-promotional tool, it really depends on how good you are at using the medium. Take some time to understand what makes a documentary compelling, and you’ll succeed at promoting yourself where others have failed.

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