So, the digital age is both a boon and a curse, right? Remember when we had to actually put a roll of film into a camera before we could take pictures? And that roll of film allowed you to take only a limited amount of pictures. So, you had to think about what you were actually going to photograph.

Ditto with music. When you actually had to go out to a record store and buy records that you then had to store somewhere in your cozy abode, you kinda ended up thinking twice about what you actually bought.

So, now, in this digital age where storage is of minimal concern and prices are low, most of us have ended up with a whole lot of stuff we don’t ever use. All of a sudden, all of our problems, if we have any at all, have an easy, quick and digital solution.

For DJs, the digital age has put a new spin on the event known as clipping. You can’t just call it intentional distortion … or even artistic license anymore. Lucky for you, there are some non-digital solutions to clipping that you might not have thought of. In a fun tribute to the controversial practice, DJ Worx has published a handy How-To to help you resolve the issue.

Check it out here.